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Luxury Lighter Necklace

Luxury Lighter Necklace

• Designs: D.A.D or Garson circle
• Crystals made by Swarovski Crystal
• Same design on both sides.

• Replacement lighters
• 3 lighters in one set

Luxury Lighter Necklace Replacement Lighters
Luxury Zippo Lighter
Luxury Zippo Lighter type Quadra
Zippo lighter & case combination set

Zippo lighter in a suede case which is inlaid with rare square crystals shining unique brilliance. Remove the fastener with D.A.D logo and you can use the Zippo lighter. Belt loop is equipped behind. The contrast between black suede and crystals creates elegance and luxury.

• Crystal Color: Crystal
• Material: Suede (real cow skin)
• Swarovski Crystal

• Manufacture of lighter: Zippo (made in the U.S.A.)
• Manufacture of crystals: Swarovski (made in Austria)

Swarovski Color Variations
Swarovski Color Variations